Wednesday, 29 October 2008

HHB SHOW 27/10/08 Ol Skool Throwbak Show

WOW doesnt a month go fast !!!! anyways on with the show an that show is was on mon night 10pm www. hhbradio. com (Link Down Below) and is of course the throw back show as we do every last mon of the month no new ish jus classics!!! so get ur back packs on and ur timbalands or rockports an snap ur neck back an forth continuesly!! oh yeah an i definatly go in!!!!!!lol

>>>>>> Tracklistings >>>>>>>

Soulz Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity
Main Source - Fakin The Funk
Nas Feat Main Source - Live At The Barbecue
Nas - Memory Lane
Mos Def - Booty
Special ED - Freaky Flow (Preemo remix)
Gangstarr - You Knw My Steez
Showbiz & Ag - Next Level
ATCQ - Award Tour
ATCQ - Relaxation
Craig Mack - Get Down (Q Tip Mix)
Jay-Z - So Ghetto
Kool G Rap - My Life / Nas - Get Down Acappella
Royce Da 59 - Boom
Jay-Z - 1900 Hustler
J Dilla Feat Common - So Far So Good
J Dilla - Fuk The Police
Dr Dre Feat Snoop Dogg - 187
Gangstarr - Skillz
Black Moon - Buck Em Down
Nwa - Express Yourself
Jay-Z Feat Biggie - Brooklyn

Listen / Download

Alternate Link

****New Mix Show Startin Next Thurs 10pm !!!! its gonna be very different!!!


Mondays old skool show will be uploaded later on soz to people looking for last weeks show it was deleted by z share ..i dont knw why but thats hw it goes anyways i will now be puttin two links up jus incase this happens again...peace

Monday, 27 October 2008


Skyzoo Feat Torae - Get It Done

"The Dude With The Fitted To The Back Is Right Back At It"
Look Out For The DJ Silk & Skyzoo Mixtape Comin Soon

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bashview !!! Wretch 32 - Wetrospective

Wretch is my bredrin so it’s a similar situation to Sway, if he delivers a shit album & I write about it could put a mad strain on our friendship & future working relationship!

Right…Imma just start of saying ‘THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A FUCKING ALBUM!’ A complete work of art.

‘Welcome to my World’ is a perfect intro…he intricately explains where he’s at.

‘Wretchrospective feat (Vis)’ is Wretch in Super Swagger mode but I think he does these kinda track too easily & it doesn’t push him as an artist. I aint really feeling this track!! Vis Makes me laugh I swear.

‘Take This From Me (Feat Badness)’ - Is hard! This is when I thought WOW! Badness sounds beautiful on this, he has taken a laid back approach to the hook that works, he’s the best bashment sounding artist at the moment. When I heard this I was just hoping Wretch wouldn’t lose the momentum.

‘Me & You (Feat Haydon)’ is just sweet! It sounds nice…Girls will dig this one! Possible single I reckon! Haydon’s sounds tight, he gives it that authentic R&B hook cos I heard certain artists with a heavy track but the singer doesn’t do it any justice & just sound crap & cheapen the riddem…this is the complete opposite!

‘Chinese Whispers (Feat Scorcher & Chipmunk)’ With those three on a song…you already know! I like when artists collab for a reason, make it artistic & focus on a subject…I’m soooooooo glad Scorcher only spat the hook cos that added depth to the track it didn’t need a verse from him…sometimes less is more!’

‘Ina Di Ghetto (Feat Ghe double T O)’ Fire! Look out for the Hood video!

‘Pisces’ - Cool

‘Swaggerlicious (Feat Scorcher)’ I read something the other day about not making swagger tracks & how too many man are talking about it. Logan also said he aint really on them swagger kinda tracks & someone else I know said that the subject is boring….I Say fuck that!! If you got swagger talk about it…British mentality is always oppressive that’s why the yanks have stars & we don’t….because they believe it, talk about & live it so therefore they become it. Good track by the way!

‘Be Cool (Feat Wizzy Wow)’ All Imma say is this track made me wanna work with Wizzy Wow! Check me out in the video!

‘On Fire’ Nice…I think that cos this track is so good he didn’t need the ‘Wretchrospective’ track earlier…but thats just me.

‘Stop my Pen from Crying (Feat Darren)’ Scorcher should produce for more people man I swear imagine Giggs or Young Spray on one of his beats…fire alie? & So is this track.

‘All that I Need’ - ‘Nothing last Forever’ is my favourite Wretch track ask him how I go on when he performs it! This sounds like part two! So you should know what I think. It really sounds like he’s just talking

“…your like I can’t mummy, I was like you’re pushing it babe, your like it’s hard bubby, tears would fall on your face im like gwarn ’oney“

Wretch are you having another child?

‘Combination (Feat P.Nero & Caliber)’ Wretch putting on his mandem…

‘Remember the Titan’ - I think this should have been called ‘Wretrospective’…Real talk!

‘The End Scene’ - The way he’s flowing on this is on point…but I’ve listened to this track 5 times & I still don’t get it…Imma have to phone him to explain…or if you get it leave a comment & tell me the story!

This album is a needed cd in any hip hop fans collection! If this was out earlier & promoted right he would have been up for all the awards. Wretch demonstrates lyrical abilty & diverse content coupled with appropriate features & production. This is the level of album that should be coming out of our scene!

The only other bad thing I’ll say is…I went into HMV Oxford street asked for in & there wasn’t any visible on the shop floor & hardly any had been dropped off. I had to ask an assistant to find it & he only helped me thoroughly because he recognised me from my performance there last week. Wretch needs to give his distributor a ‘Slap’ cos that’s how you lose sales. If he doesn’t the album will not get the necessary exposure it 100% needs because it’s excellent.

Go & buy this.( Taken From Bashys Blog)

"OK..Maybe i goy a bit excited bout best uk album ever....but its deep and theres various songs that i really like...Pisces is my shit !!!! and im not even a pisces!!!
check out this weeks show to seee whats good.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Big Shug Feat Termanology And Singapore Kane - My Boston (Vid)

One of the illest songs of the year i definatly fux wit this!!!! term kills it and of course preeemoo on the boards i hammer this on the show


Donny Goines - Can't Fit In My Shoes [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Restless Films on Vimeo.


Monday, 20 October 2008

Wretch 32 - Be Cool (Vid)

Possibly Vid Of The Year N Biggest Album In Uk Hip Hop Ever Im Feelin This Mre Than saga's !!! check the show 2mz

Friday, 17 October 2008

Esther Baxter !!! Nuff Said

I tHINK If I Met Her I Would Have To Do Sumthin That Would Get Me Arrested !!One Girl I fULLY lIKE lIKE!!! I would become a changed man...i would wear a nurses outfit just to get a piece... i would !!!! "WHAT WOULD YOU DO"

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New Kyza Freestyle (This Weeks)

Kyza - Rock Out With Your Cock Out "Over Games "House Of Pain"

HHB SHOW 13/10/08

LOL!!!! I Know how it must look but honest there is a reason for her!!! the reason is charles hamilton dropped a freestyle about her this weekend entitled lacy duvalle we got into it an alot of people got involved by sendin me fotos through msn....anyways!!! We Get back to normal scheduled programming to bring you the best of what your used to !!!hip hop in its finest form including new joints from the statik selektah album,sways album,kanos album and new cuts from ,,,,well read the tracklsitings init!!!! thanks to the people that download or listen to the show its much appreciated as i have fallen back on my other show an am trying to push this one more...

<<<< Tracklistings >>>>>

Nas - Black President
Green Lantern Feat Bust Rhymes,David Banner - Black President Part 2
Statik Selektah Feat M.O.P Jadakiss - For The City
Joell Ortiz Feat Giggs - Giggs Meets Joell
Kyza - Nang
IceCube Feat Musiq - Why
T.i Kanye Jay-z - Swagger Like Us
Bashy - Swagger Like Me
Marvel - Swagger Like
Busta Rhymes - Arab Money
LarGE pRO - Hot Sizzling Scorching
Black Milk Feat Sean Price Pharoe Monch - The Matrix
D Block - Its Like That
Kano - Gangsta
Sway - Stereo
Faith Sfx - Skeng Box
Jeeday Jaws Feat Black Ripper - Suck Out
Iron Braidz Feat Guilty Simposn - Savin Artillery
Ill Bill - Society Is Brainwashed
Maino - Role Model
Big Shug Singapore Kane - My Boston
Termanology - Hold That
Termanology Feat Prodigy - Hood Shit
Brotherman - Who Won What
Kyza - Bad Luck
Wretch 32 - Be Cool
Kano - Hustler
Reain - Capital City
Wale Feat Skyzoo - 5 Mins
Consequence - Mr Popularity
Statik Selktah Feat State Property - All Together
Charles Hamilton - Lacey Duvalle

Listen / Download

**** Show Repeated Every Sat Night 11 Till 1am WWW.HHBRADIO.COM *****

TB AKA T BEAR - Beast From The East Vid

Friday, 10 October 2008

Righteous Kill???? Waste Of Time

So i was lookin forward to seein this but i thought fuk it after the bad reviews so im jus watchin it on was so hyped and so was i that two of the greatest actors of our time were teaming up again thought there could be nothing wrong but there is halfway through an im like wtf!! its so cheesy,stereotypical and most of all the support cast is dry!!! 50 cent??? that get rich film was swag to so why put him in this !!!>??? ill let you knw the final verdict but so far this is shit!!! glad i never went cineworld.... the twist is that the killer isnt who you think it is !!!!wow i didnt seee that comin>>??¬¬ what a bag of so disappointed to the point of suicide..nah jus messin al an bobby did as they usually do but there was no depth to there characters or anything jus a slam in ur face an hope you like the taste type of film...all in all swag...

im gna do my own reviews from now on so i hope you take notes

"""not even worth the watch""""

films im lookin forward to...
saw 5
max payne
miracle at st anna

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Kyza Freestyles!!!!! (well part 5 an 4 at least!!!)

Ive Been a bit late with these but id idnt know wether i could post em for download but fuck it these need to be heard!!!also look out for the swagger correct t shirts droppin soon ill get the fotos up as soon as i get em,,,

Kyza is gonna be dropping a new freestyle every week right the way up until his new album 'Brand New Same Old Me' comes out in February next year.

Every Saturday there will be a free download made available. All we ask in return is that if you like what you hear you go out and buy the album!

Here is a link to part 5 '2 Nang' in the once a week freestyles...

Download Here

Heres Part 4 (Over Shawty Lo "They Know")

Download Here

****Also Look Out For The Mixtape im gonna do with kyza he said he dnt like hosting but he will mine ...I Think He Feels Bad For Owing Me A Freestyle For Bout 10 Years (Guilty Simpson) lol

Sincere Feat Natty And Joell Ortiz - Once Upon A Time (Vid)

This is the remix video for sinceres well recieved song,this features joel ortiz and the vid is pretty good still.ilike sincere he is cool people and always helps out with the show.

Monday, 6 October 2008

From Wretch's Blog

Sorry to say but Wretchrospective has been delayed for week and now out October 13th. Im mad about it and delayed because of a problem between the distribution company and the pressing plant but no one is more vex about me than me.

Please still pre order it from HMV, Zavvi and all the other stores though.

Sorry again

HHB SHOW 29/09/08

SORRY!!! Im so late posting this it wasnt my fault zhare was down ..anyway its backk up now and you can listen again or just download it for another time.this weeks show was the classic/throwback/vintage...watever you wanna call it show were alot of things went down...i wa gna post the tracklistings but i dont have time to listen through it here it is expect alot of classic shit on this....I REALLY ENJOYED THIS ESPECIALLY THE 1ST HOUR!!!

****this will be replyed 2nite 6th october 10pm as its my girls bday i gta go out!!!!>


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ironiks new album reviewed by bashy!!!!


Bash!!!! i couldnt agree more but you say its best!!!!!

Taken From Bashys Blog

Right what I am about to say is very truthful. I am very honest when it comes to this kinda stuff; if I think its good I’ll say its good, If I think its shit, I’ll say it’s shit! As I am also an artist I don’t want anyone to think that I’m hating on this guy cos away from the music he’s a cool brudda but I’m judging the album & this album is poor, very poor!

I was actually hoping I’d be suprised but Ironik has failed to do that & not just him but his A&R has not delivered a well rounded product!

I was half asleep listening to it & then had to wake myself up, start it again n make sure my ears wern’t decieving me.

I am very shocked at the fact his A&R has released an album with 18 tracks all about Ironik loving, falling for or missing a girl! (Excluding one which is about his mum, which is the only track I won’t really take apart because of the subject matter, but I will say this, he should have made more of an effort on it; when I make a tracks for my mum there is no room for errors of half-heartedness)

There is no depth in this album whatsoever. I think albums should take the listener on a journey but this does no such thing, instead it stays on the same page from beginning to end. The lyrics are terrible & he finds himself not rhyming at times, on top of that using the same word to rhyme is not really a rhyme & anyone can do it! I can’t even be bothered to quote something!

Ironik doesn’t deserve talented features such as Ghetto, Chippy, Ny, Wiley & Stryder nor should they tarnish their perfected art which they have worked at for years. Bless Beats is a producer so giving people with a deal; material, pays so I understand his hustle.

Having Elton John on an album should mean you have crossed over & be in Westlife world ’Flying without Wings’. If Dizzee, Sway or myself had that feature we would be out of this world! But he fails to impress on this also!

R&B Albums don’t even have this many songs about love!

Maybe girls up & down the country will like but that is a MASSIVE maybe! I think every guy will think what I think.

It’s sad that labels choose to sign these kind of artists over an artist with depth & something to say (n i’m not talking just me here, there are many others).

One thing pissed me off today. Wretch phoned me & said he read in the paper that a journalist wrote Ironik’s track ‘Stay with Me’ was the biggest anti violence tune of the year….Get out of here, which fucking part!?

In a time when there is nuff shit going on in the streets & the world we don’t need albums like this!

I always support UK music but I feel like I’ve wasted a tenner! My hard earned bumbaclart £10! Pissed!

Oh yeah I do like one track on the album by Digga called Broken! The best track on it! (I think Ironik is presenting a new artist)


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Catch Up!!!

so i aint posted nuffin for like a week i been busy movin in to a new place well i havent moved in yet but i got the keys!!! lol also been finishing this mixtape im gna drop soon its like all thngs i been bumpin on my show all mixed together ...yes i said "MIXED" you motherfuckers dont know the meaning...not gonna name names but my show i did on monday was deep alot of old skool went off but im waitin for zshare to be back up then i will post the show yeh thats just an update an heres a nice pic for the peoples out there!!!!