Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Damon Wayans Jnr Def Comedy Jam

His Dad Is A LEGEND !! But His Son holds it still....the porn joke is too funny...check it out

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

July Birmingham Jumpoff Mix Cd Mixed By Me!¬

July Jumpoff Mix Cd Mixed By DJ Silk (WinRAR)

July Jumpoff Mix Cd Mixed By DJ Silk (1 Track so you can just listen without downloading)

Heres The Mix Cd That Was Given Out On The First Birmingham Jumpoff Which Took Place July 10th 2008 ...This Is Me Str8 In The Mix No Editing And No TalkinG Just Music ..So Enjoy And Dont Forget To Be At The Next Birmingham Jumpoff 14Th August Rainbow Warehouse Digbeth Birmingham.

Loud.com And Skyzoo - Favourites

Check this out probably my fave artist out there right now stilll....s..k..y..z...o..o

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

funkmaster flex goin in on 90's

Doing it the way we love it to be done ...fuk cd's!!!!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Dipset In Fucking Wolves!!!!

Thats Right dipset Are in concert on the 1st september see flyer for details...all i gota say is big up j cos i will be backstage doing interviews with probably my fave artist alive "Juelz Santana" no homo !!!! so look out (hopefully) for the dipset podcast coming sept 08!!!!.
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*****August Podcast coming Thurs next week******

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Me Scratching On Basic Decks!!

If you havent seen this yet then here you go its a video i did for a dj equipment company called stanton and recod store hard to find ..it has generated alot of views (43000) and alot of comments so see what you think an make sure you check the comments!!!!)ive put this up because it seems people under estimate me an what i do aswell as people that knw the name there are people from across the world who seen this and left a comment...i dnt need a video on youtube that has me "djin for an artist" or any othe rbullshit i do this !! talent nothin else no gimmicks.

****Just Would like to add that i no longer work at hard to find it is a shit place full of pricks an management that have a job becuase the boss is there frend from school.i never got paid for this video but the interest it generated in the product im sure earned them thousands...so fuck all yalll!!!!lol****

Monday, 14 July 2008

Batman Dark Knight 6 Min Preview

How Much Cant I wait For This ¬¬¬ !!!! Nearly As Much As I Cant Wait For My Baby To Be Born!!! Serious..lol

rip heath ledger

Im Gonna Step Up My Blog Game(Jumpoff Birmingham Mini Review)

It has been lacking latley due to other commitments and that obviously one of them being jumpoff i will post sum more fotos an video footage soon but untill the this will have to do ..im not to happy about certain situations but i will keep shut bout them for now as i maybe still apart of it and dont wanna severe my ties with it cos it is a really good thing to be a part of but well see how the cookie crumbles...untill then heres a few goodies!!!!

""You Can Try But You Wont Succeed I Does This From 2000 U Can suck As Many Dicks As You Want But You Will Never Be On My Level If You THink So Then Holla My Email An Lets Get The Clash On An Poppin """"FYI:::: If You Feel Offended By This Then Its Probably Aimed At You""""

^^^^^I Have To Big Up An Show Her Some Love Cos She Gives Me Jokes And is On This modelling Ting!!! So Hit Her Up On Myspace An Show Her Sum Love...lol^^^^^

""""She Has Very Big Hair And An Enourmous Pair Of.........................feet..lol"""

Tanish Nicole Myspace

Look Out For The Mix I Did For The July Jumpoff You Can Download It From Here This Week..

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New Ish!!!!!

Ive been slipping on the blog thing but been mad busy heres some new music to tie you over....(Copy N Paste)

Skyzoo - I Shine

Kardinal Official Feat Clipse - Set It Off

Maino - Brooklyn Salute

NORE Feat Lil Wayne - Still On The Run Eating

Jadakiss - Dont Start Nuthin

******Look Out For 2 New Mixtapes coming from me on friday******

^^^^Jumpoff thursday night birmingham^^^^^^^

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Daytona Feat Estelle & Cnn - Stressed out 08

This is the vid for the song you might have herd on my show ive been hammering this to death

*****download the mixtape here*******
Cipha Sounds & Daytona Present A Tribe Called Fresh Mixtape

Download Here

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Maino Drunk With Pornstars !!!lol

This is funny i dont know why but is plus that maino song "hi hater" is growing on me bad!!!